Just Us Necklace

$ 120.00

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Personalized Necklace

Minimum Character per necklace 3  

Character: Letter, Girl, Boy or Diamond 

Buy Each Item Separate 

Costume Necklace: 

Example : 

Star - Letter - Diamond  - Boy - Diamond - Boy - Diamond - Letter - Star 


*This custom item will take 2 weeks for delivery once it has been ordered. This item cannot be returned or exchanged. It’s final sale*


Note Our Jewelry it’s sterling silver/sterling silver gold plated - we don’t recommend exposing it to moisture such as soap, shampoo, lotion, sweat, perfume, etc . Since it’s not solid gold it’s plated. All these recommendations will help keep it shiny for as long as possible. 
Always remember that the PH of each person’s skin also affects the piece. But since the base, it’s sterling silver you can always polish or plated.